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Google Gets the FAA’s Go-Ahead to Make Local Deliveries

Google’s subsidiary, Wing Aviation, now has the same certifications that smaller airlines receive from the U.S. FAA or Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation. It plans to begin routine deliveries of small consumer items in two rural communities in Virginia within months, the company said. more..

Unilever goes green with use of 50% recycle waste by year end.

Unilever, the global FMCG major announced to be more environmentally responsible. The company announced to reduce the current use of fresh packaging and use more than 50% from recycled source. The company is trying real hard to keep his image intact for an environmentally friendly organisation more..

Women is SCM are increasing their share on a steady pace : Gartner

Gartner, the market research and data publishing company shared a good news. As per the Gartner’s third annual “Women in Supply Chain Survey,”, there is a steady increase in women joining the SCM vertical in the senior-most ranks — CSCO, SVP, EVP, or CPO reporting to the CEO — is strong and sustained relative to other functions. more..

18 percent year-over-year increase in the testing of warehouse robotics: Reports

World of avengers are coming to warehouses globally and all backed warehouse robots. According to a new study from supply chain and business intelligence firm eyefortransport (eft), The Robotics are on the rise in the warehouse. Eyefortransport surveyed 100 supply chain executives from retail and manufacturing organizations across North America and Europe for its Global Customer Report 2019. more..

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