Open Source

Our team is equipped with service-oriented architecture (SOA), microservices architecture design and model-driven engineering.

As a combined figure on open source platforms , we have around 25 man-years of experience. The technology spread is Java, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Alfresco, Linux, Android, AngularJS, jQuery, NodeJS, CSS, SAAS, LESS, Xen Virtualization spread across e-Governance, HealthCare, Logistics, Medical Research, Manufacturing, Realty etc


From choosing the Java architecture to creating custom applications, we build dynamic, rich & mission-critical applications using JAVA. We have in-depth experience of JDK, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JSF, ZK, JOOQ, Guice,

  • 15+ Man Years Experience
  • 20+ Projects Executed
  • 80+ Skilled Developers
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LAMP Stack

ESSPL has successfully implemented simple and complex projects for global clients and helped them to take complete advantage of the open source applications and frameworks.
Our LAMP programmers have sound knowledge of programming in LAMP and offers most comprising custom LAMP application solutions for diverse industries.
The technology where we have expertise includes Ubuntu Linux – 9.x and above, CentOS, RedHat Linux, Apache , MySQL/MariaDB, PHP.
From a front-end technology perspective, we have used HTML 4/5, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, AngularJS, SAAS, LESS for applications built on this stack.

  • 15+ Man Years Experience
  • 10+ Projects Executed
  • 30+ Skilled Developers


Liferay is a lightweight Open Source enterprise platform with a flexible architecture. We have delivered a number of portal and workflow solutions on this platform integrating with other enterprise systems like CMS, Active Directory Services, Biometric system, Cloud storage etc.
Companies worldwide have been using Liferay Portal because of its high-end functionality, compatibility with most major application servers and database platforms, and scalability.

  • 6+ Man Years Experience
  • 15+ Projects Executed
  • 15+ Skilled Developers
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Alfresco is enterprise level content management (ECM) system which assists you to manage documents of any size on the cloud or on-premise systems. Designed upon powerful java primarily based open source technology.
The solutions delivered includes Invoice Processing System, Realty Project Management System, Knowledge Management Center covering domains like Manufacturing, Realty etc.

  • 6+ Man Years Experience
  • 10+ Projects Executed
  • 12+ Skilled Developers

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Clients Who Trust Us

UK based postal services provider

“ESSPL has built a high quality system that enables us to manage a sustainable supply chain management process.”

North American Health insurance client

"ESSPL was engaged in the design, development and implementation of the application, where they delivered a high quality product in a very professional manner and their attention to detail was really commendable."

Jhone doe

A Global 3PL Organization

“ESSPL has proven to be an invaluable partner for us in the design, implementation and ongoing support and development of a bespoke warehouse, data and document management system.”

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