BD Enablement Systems - Quotation & Catalogue Management

Smart Marketing and Sales solutions of ESSPL comprises of a bouquet of Solutions and Service that helps companies across the board to streamline the clients’ execution process making it transparent, economic and crisp.

The solutions help at each and every step of customer prospecting and acquisition. Also, in creating and managing cargo shipment quotations for the existing and new customers. It has the intelligence to calculate branch margins and it allows internal negotiations within teams to finalize contracts faster.

BD Enablement Solutions are part of SCM suit of ESSPL and are enabled by our decades of experience across global clients in the Supply Chain Management domain.

BD Enablement Solutions Group

  • SCat – Service Offerings & Cataloging System: Marketing and Inside Sales Enablement tool to showcase and compose reusable bouquet of service offerings. Reducing the prospect response time and optimizing the current investments.
  • SQM – Shipment Quotation Management: Solution for onground BD team for showcasing, composing & managing cargo shipment quotations for existing and new customers.

Feature set

  • All the team members refer to one source of information and have one central location for all the deals and trades in action information
  • Sales team members across various locations can leverage the learning of various team members
  • Non-sales teams can refer to one central location for better deals in pipeline and trades in process
  • Process driven- cost and profit decision making
  • A deal to deal process driven negotiation
  • Accurate or near accurate quotes and proposals taking out the ambiguity of trades
  • Per deal negotiation can be done to optimize the company’s productivity
  • Leaves nothing to personal preferences or to chance with the process driven system
  • Customized and well-defined workflow for deal approvals
  • Internal process improves the department productivity
  • Streamlined and works with minimal human interference
  • Workflows to make internal processes transparent and on-time
  • Built in acceleration for approval system to let sales team focus on client acquisition and not email
  • No loss of detail in the emails as the details get absorbed in the flowchart
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel by using the existing catalogues
  • Avoid omitting the essential items for new proposals
  • Quicker turnaround time to clients / prospects
  • Accurate and timely proposal submissions
  • Reusability of proposals and quotes lead to faster response time to prospects and clients
  • Faster response time leads to winning more deals and increasing client satisfaction
  • Gives sales team the required competitive edge during sales process
  • By avoiding the uncertainty in deals, sales quotes are more accurate
  • The system also allows the breakup on various heads making the quote transparent for prospects and clients
  • The system picks the most recent rates from the provider which makes the quote accurate and competitive
  • The catalogue serves as the umbrella quotes for future engagements and can be referred on a click
  • Reduces confusion during quotes by referring to umbrella framework
  • Sales team can be more efficient as no searching of emails is required for the promises made to the clients
  • Long term client delight is ensured
  • The solution helps in doing number crunching with the help of reports
  • Intelligence can be drawn on what had worked before and what had not
  • BD team can be smarter on tricks of winning and reuse the same organisation wide

About SCM offerings


With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading solutions providers in Supply Chain & Logistics and Manufacturing domain, with a strong presence in Business Intelligence, Managed Application Services, Freight Contract Management System, Shipment Quotation Management System, Quotation Generation Tool for SCM, Invoice Settlement Management System For 3PL and Software Testing Segments.

Since the inception in 1998, our motto of customer satisfaction and quality orientation has helped us maintain a global presence. We have invested heavily in various cutting-edge technologies, bringing meaningful transformation for our clients.

We also make sure to keep our ESSPL Family happy. We provide our employees a healthy work-life environment keeping it positive and encouraging.