Supplier Contracting To Shipment Clearance Management Tool


For an organization which imports goods from around the world and uses freight forwarders to manage their shipments, requires a great deal of process automation, orchestration, and pipeline visibility to manage their supply chain. This solution template does just that; it manages Supplier Contracting to Shipment Clearance lifecycle and comes with pre-built modules on Contract Management, Supplier KPI Performance Assessment and Contract Renewal for managing suppliers (3PLs, 2PLs), while it provides other modules for shipment execution and visibility. Following are a few of them: –

  • Provides 360-degree visibility from forecast to PO to Order to warehouse delivery
  • Milestone level visibility and monitoring
  • Alert configuration and rule-based event management
  • Near real-time tracking of more than 20+ shipment milestones
  • Shipment search by smart refiners
  • International trade documentation generation & tracking
  • Inbound shipment exception management
  • Automated rule-based validation of supplier invoices against their agreed rate cards
  • Invoice discrepancy logging and supplier KPI tracking
  • Freight clearance for invoice processing
  • Help in monitoring and measuring warehouse intake planning and storage utilization
  • Dispatch planning from regional DC to stores and/or Local DCs
  • Transport order management and consolidation of delivery orders
  • EDI integration with supplier systems
  • API service interface for B2B integration for shipment milestone tracking


These set of ready-to-use solution templates help optimize origin operations for frieght forwarders. They help from tracking PO/SO, load planning, carrier bookings, vendor communications to container visibility to overall shipment management

  • Addresses the load planning optimization issues which determine the best stuffing or containerization options based on shipment orders, weight, volume, and sorting order. Optimize utilization of container space by close to 17%.
  • A single solution that deals with complete visibility of origin load planning operations including optimization, containerization, and reporting.
  • Helps in reduction of costs and effort in maintaining separate origin load planning tools for achieving various functionalities of load planning and optimization
  • Proctive exception management reducing approximately 15% of cost and effort in the management of exception or delays at port or carrier
  • Maintains contract of carriers, lane rate cards, etc, which are used to determine best-fit for carrier bookings
  • Allows one or multiple SO based carrier bookings, EDI integrations to carriers, carrier acknowledgment tracking and booking status updates
  • Records carrier performance KPI for carrier contract review
  • Facility to import master data from external sources/systems – like port list, carrier list, service list, container list, etc
  • Provides both web-service API and EDI modes of integrations to allow container load planning tools to send booking requests directly
  • Allows sending SI &VGW (Validated Gross Mass) to carries


  • It gives visibility of the container starting from warehouse till dispatch
  • Users can know the status of containers from one place
  • Granular level of container details can be viewed like SO, PO
  • Reports can be generated based on area, cargo type
  • Manages origin operations (Control Tower)
  • PO/SO management
  • CFS operations
  • Cargo stuffing optimization
  • Vessel route planning & scheduling
  • DQ/KPI dashboards monitor for performance review
  • Value added services
  • Manages complete communication trail with different suppliers/vendors
  • Tracks mail exchanges and allow search information
  • Vendor Compliance Performance exceptions (not delivered on time, not delivered in full, wrong labels) and link it to SOs, Containers, BLs and POs
  • Carrier Performance Report – Vessel delays, equipment shortage, booking rejections
  • CPT exceptions (3PL’s own performance) – Cargo on-hold, CFS processing time