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In this Modern Era, the Human-computer Interaction is increasing day-by-day and many advanced ways of doing things are evolving...


In this Modern Era, the Human-computer Interaction is increasing day-by-day and many advanced ways of doing things are evolving.

Technology is increasing day by day like optimizing human speech to make a very accurate and high data exchange system by getting into the minds of a digital user,here comes the concept of “Voice search” which is exclusively used through many electronic gadgets through which it is bouncing back with the appropriate solution by getting inside the minds of a searcher. voice revolution started in 1883 and came full circle in the year 2017.

Voice technology is considered because:

Re-imagining voice=A new paradigm in Human-computer interaction

*Ambient and free medium

*Descriptive rather than referential

*Shorter path

*Required more modest physical resources

*Does things for you

*Understands what you say

*Understands what you know

*It is one element of the human experience making a comeback


Voice search is mainly handling multiple vertical and horizontal searches for task completion such as combining of multiple information sources, real-time editing of information based on dynamic criteria and it also integrating endpoints to get an advanced and accurate result.

It is also using the conversational intents like location, time, task and dialog context.

It learns and acts on some personal information like who are your friends, where do you live,

What is your age, what do you like etc are all the factors that voice recognition devices are mainly focusing on these particular areas? In this voice world many and many things are getting changed by decoding and also by using self-learning artificial intelligence.

For example: from SIRI—>Alexa—>VIV

Old Search VS Modern Search:

Searching for particular information in the olden days is mostly done by the use of the Human brain and their knowledge among themselves. gradually, a new system got evolved through newspapers and some books and it continued for several years later on in these modern days many technologies has bought a tremendous change by advertising and engaging us with the rising trends and finally we came up with an exclusive idea to make a search by using a human voice, which is combined with an electronic gadget has made a revolutionary change among ourselves by evolving in two different ways.

  1. Voice Commerce
  2. Voice Payments


It works with the help of an ADC which translates voice into digital data by sampling the sound to convert speech to on-screen text a computer command has to go through several complex stages and steps when we speak we create vibrations in the air.

Voice search is also called voice-enabled technology which allows the user to use a voice command to search through the internet with a portable electronic device.

Currently, voice search is commonly used in directory assistance or for some local search.


The arc growth of using voice recognition based devices is astounding.

*The percentage of people using a Search engine is decreased by introducing electronic things like Google home and Amazon Alexa has bought traction to this trend.

*The Echo dot was the best-selling product on all of Amazon in 2018.

*Brands such as Uber and fit bit are trying to create apps for voice devices.

*50% of all the searches will be voice-based by the year 2020.

*About 30% of all the searches will be done without a screen.

*72% of people who owned voice activated speakers say that their devices are used as a part of their daily routine.


*Easy and fast access anywhere

*Keyboard free and requires a natural language

*Low cost and requires a small footprint

*Hands and Vision free interaction

In many ways, we have some predictions made in the past and for now, we had some predictions like there will be no need of computers in the world by 2030.

A huge artificial intelligence learning systems like VIV will use the “Hive mind” of digital users and we have to bear the positive and negative aspects that this will bring.

Each and every improvement process the way we interact with these computer machines bought long term effects such as nearly impossible to calculate.

The rate of people interacting or searching via search engines has a drastic fall due to these electronic voice search devices We have increased in growth and quality aspects and somehow decreased our potential knowledge by increasing the lazy rules in order to get a sophisticated life.

Revolutionary changes that it has bought:

1. In the voice first world, advertising and payments will not exist as they do today

2.Intelligent Agents

3.Enhances the keyboard and display

4. Emotional Interfaces can take place

5.The disappearing of computer and device

6.the accelerating rate of change

7. At last, One big computer as one big brain

For the last 60 years of computing humans were adapting themselves to the technology and in the next 60 years the technology will adapt to us in a result it will be our voices that will lead the way….For sure it will be a big bombastic revolution.

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