We, at ESSPL, understand that it is more important to protect your existing IT investments and help you improve your ROI rather than asking to change everything. So, we are continuously working to find synergies between technologies and businesses, which can integrate with your existing solutions and bring untapped business values. We offer, what we call, “Over-the-Top (OTT)” solutions which integrates your existing systems in ways that were never conceived before.


Have you made an investment in BI and reporting and yet finding your senior management waiting for departments to provide what they need? Are your boardroom meetings or sales presentations depend more on static charts/data stacked into presentation slides but still not able to close the deals faster?

Well, we may just help you change all that. We have created a new user experience in BI visualization, where we enable you to talk to or chat with your BI and get what you want; you simply ask and analytics will be presented on your laptop or mobile from anywhere anytime. You can bring BI into boardroom decision making without the pain of tons of presentation slides; just use voice to communicate with our Alexa powered Digital BI Assistant, it will take care of talking to your BI and plot the information on to the screen real time.

Our unique solution integrates voice and AI cognitive service interfaces with our specially designed web interface to render dashboards, charts or user queried data from your data infrastructure. It can integrate with your existing BI or build one afresh for you. You can drill down or navigate through the charts, simply through voice commands. Our solution will help you access your analytics reports anytime, anywhere and share with multiple audience-set across geo locations simultaneously real time.

We integrate smart chatbots using Microsoft’s LUIS cognitive services to interact with your data for extracting customized intelligence for your senior management or for your always-on-move executives or for that matter, your end-customers. It provides white-labeled mobile apps for you to make conversations, starting from FAQs to shipment track ‘n’ trace to ticket status to any data-driven knowledge extraction and visualization; you get it on the spot real-time.

Salient Points

  • It’s a GEN-Next solution to talk & chat with your BI
  • An Alexa based system accessing data from anywhere, anytime; capable of bringing BI into boardrooms
  • Integrate cognitive/AI intelligence into query processing
  • Seamless integration with existing BI infrastructure
  • USP is in its ability to convert voice into action & create complex on-screen visualizations


Typically, business organizations have multiple Line of Business (LOB) application. They may have CRM for customer management, ERP for operations management, fintech applications for financial management, helpdesk applications to manage customer complaints and manual excel spreadsheet-driven processes to take care of within-job activities. Traditionally, organizations looked for downstream application level integrations for process automation, but more often than not they are expensive & time-consuming. RPA is the new way of upstream process automation.

RPA is a feature of intelligent Process Automation that describes logic driven software robots pre-programmed to carry out simple and repeatable IT operations like interpreting, deciding, acting and learning. RPA takes productivity optimization to the next level by aligning human to work on the more complex operation and allowing bots to take care of mundane day to day repeatable tasks which improve cost savings and effort reductions drastically. If properly implemented, it can effective realign human workforce to more productive jobs and releases from stereotype but rule-driven activities. It might give 60 to 200% more productivity compared to a human counterpart for varied kind of process settings.

Some of the possible use cases where RPA comes to picture in an SCM solution are ordered posting, order fulfillment, incident management, and stakeholder communication & Reporting, etc.

We provide consultancy and advisory services to identify processes suitable for RPA, then work on process alignment to business objectives which can be used as inputs for software robots, design and program robotic process configuration and deploy them and monitor for continuous improvement.

Our four-pronged best-in-class RPA services framework ensures a consistent approach across IT & Operations and enables RPA implementation with top-level sponsorship focusing on delivering business priorities, cost savings, and quick ROI.


Blockchain is a shared ledger of transactions maintained online, which is immutable and secured through encryptions. It operates within untrusted parties but still establishes a common trust among the participating peers so that shared history can be stored. There are both public blockchains platforms like Ethereum, open to public and private permission blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric where only a restricted set of participants can join.


According to Gartner, we are in a unique situation wherein one hand there is a “Growing Demand” where many organizations are looking for help in understanding the applicability and impact of Blockchain for their businesses but on the other hand there is a “Shrinking success Rate”, close to 80% of Blockchain initiatives do not kick off to reach live production, instead get terminated prematurely. Service providers are in the early stages of developing Blockchain-specific strategies and business frameworks.

How can we help?

We work alongside your team and help them navigate through the journey of creating Blockchain as an extension of your core capabilities by leveraging People, Technology and Solutions.

We have a dedicated Center of Excellence for Blockchain, having certified professionals of developers and domain experts, who actively looks into the applications of blockchain in supply chain domain and create use cases that have business values for our customers. We work in both Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric platforms and specializes in the rapid development of business applications using smart contracts using PaaS environments.

What we are doing for others?

We are currently working with dairy and milk industry to identify use cases for quality traceability within the entire supply chain from producers to the retailers. Milk is a product which is consumed by almost every person and people are getting more and more sensitive towards the quality, sources, and freshness of it. A blockchain is a perfect tool which can track, record and provide traceability & visibility into this industry.

We are working with a leading Milk & Milk Product company and helping them improving their farmer payment processes through smart contract driven Direct Pay and bringing complete Milk Fat/SNF content traceability at every point of their sourcing supply chain through a cloud-based Blockchain solution