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Software testing should work to reduce your total cost of ownership. ESSPL makes easier for customer to achieve this – resolutely


Software testing is making many moves. From AI to ML, it is continually innovating and advancing with the shifting technology landscape. As per World Quality Report 2020-21 there is an increasing trend to embed quality into every stage of the development process and continuous testing is becoming a mainstream. So, the decision maker are moving towards multi-skilled team members-people who can bring a mix of development, data, testing and business skills. Without these mix the quality assurance will be much slower to arrive.
ESSPL’s testing practices are built upon the foundation of bold thought-leadership and a track record of serving global behemoths of logistics industry as well other verticals for two decades. Our proven ground is powered by matured processes, versatile multi-skilled CISQ, CAST, CSTE, ISTQB certified test professionals amongst others. Our testing approach is structured on business driven test management using selenium, cucumber to name a few.
What this means for you is, a complete risk management and quality assurance leading to reduction in cost of ownership with a speed to market desire. And a reliable partner in your quest to Do More with Less.


The Unpredictable environment already had multiple challenges which was not only made difficult to handle but compounded to many more dimensions by the reeling pandemic. There is an increasing demand for
  • Deliver on-time accurately
  • Maintain Product Quality across releases
  • Bring better Visibility & reduce Human Involvement
  • Data Security & Confidentiality.
  • Optimize & Automate operations, increase cost efficiency

What you need is a Comprehensive testing Strategy

  • GUI Automation Testing
  • Compatibility- Mobility Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Security (Web Vulnerability) Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Codified Unit Testing
  • API / Micro-services Testing
  • Regression (Automated) Testing
  • Data Security Testing
  • Data Auditing
  • Integration Testing
  • Transactional Stress & Load Testing
  • DR Testing

ESSPL testing Services Clients benefits from:


ESSPL-Testing Service Partner


  • We understand how Industry works, 22+ Years of SCM domain expertise
  • Our Expert consultants identify & align processes for automation
  • Benefit from our Knowledge Base on automation test cases for IT product integration


  • Test Strategy & Planning Creation & Execution Reporting & Analysis
  • API,Stress,Security,Performance, Microservice, Mobile Application Testing
  • Benefit from our Knowledge Base on Framework and Tools for different testing


  • Identify failures early in development & minimize human labor
  • Gain business agility by being able to deploy more frequently
  • Increased test coverage

ESSPL’s Engagement Model

  • Build consensus across teams
  • Support managers & teams in adopting new processes
  • Provide leadership support for change management
  • Help in building test strategy and integrated test plans
  • Implement tools and efficient test environment mgmt.
  • Create customized frameworks to streamline test automation
  • Develop domain specific language (DSL) to enable end-user test script creation
  • Act as the extended testing team for the client
  • Select test management tools
  • Identify Test case, execute and report defects
  • Provide user training on the system for UAT
  • Deploy testing expert as extended project team
  • Design, Develop & maintain automation scripts
  • Plan and schedule automation test runs for each dev. releases
  • Publish bug reports and defect trend analysis reports
  • Take complete testing responsibility for client systems
  • Bring in our tools and licenses
  • Provide SLA driven testing services and reporting across 24X7 or 8X5
  • Offer 360° coverage of testing spectrum

Our Advanced Expertise

  •  Testing of RPA based automation workflows
  • All enabled Chatbot intent and utterance testing
  • Voice Integrated application testing
  • Cloud platform provider selection & recommendation
  • Spend Analysis and optimization recommendation
  • Architectural resilience testing for DR & service continuity
  • Testing strategy based on API/service boundaries
  • Sociable & Solitary unit testing of micro-services
  • Contract & component testing of service behavior
  • Develop test scripts on Appium automation platform
  • Use our proprietary BDD based mobile testing framework on Appium for faster integrated testing

Explore our recent Insights and Works

Supply Chain Visibility

Customer is a leading Freight forwarder & SCM provider for companies with global operations based in UK.

Business Challenges
  • Low regression test coverage leading to lot of Functional issues.
  • Long backlog of pending issues.
  • High testing effort and longer execution time, often misses release deadlines.
Business Benefits
Regression Test
Regression Test Coverage
Reduction of Release issues
Reduction of Release issues
Error Reduction
Error Reduction

Testing Performance

Customer is a Cloud based end-to-end solution provider for various supply chain customers.

Business Challenges
  • Improve the performance of the pages where they encountered very slow response.
  • Delayed response of key pages dealing with customer request.
  • Uncontrolled testing effort and release deadlines.
Business Benefits
Increase in Page
Increase in Page Performance
Schedule Variance
Schedule Variance, delivered in Record time
Reduction in Page Load
Reduction in Page Load time

Product Testing

Customer is a Leading freight forwarding & Product company with global operations based in UK.

Business Challenges
  • Testing was not handled by product specific testing team.
  • No formal process or issues or methodology, resulted in inaccurate reports and metrics.
  • Delay in testing incurred loss of revenue.
Business Benefits
Reduction of Direct Cost
Reduction of Direct Cost
Increase in Customers
Increase in Customers
Assurance of Bug free
Assurance of Bug free features after each test cycle
Production Defects
Production Defects


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Explore our recent Insights and Works
Supply Chain Visibility
Supply Chain Visibility

Centralized Shipment Visibility Application

Test Automation with JMeter
Test Automation with JMeter

Pylot, OpenSTA, and JMeter

Quality Management System
Quality Management System

NCR, DCR, Technical Queries & Audit-NCRs