How HUB management system boosts your SCM efficiency?
In the operation of a network of multiple warehouses or inventories, a HUB Management System plays an important role. HUB Management System is responsible for recording and analyzing ...

In the operation of a network of multiple warehouses or inventories, a HUB Management System plays an important role. HUB Management System is responsible for recording and analyzing any data related to the import or export activity being carried out at any facility over the network. It includes receiving items, moving them, and keeping a check on them.

HUB Management Systems provide ease of access at multiple fronts of any Supply Chain. Some of the services it provides are:

a) Shipping Method Preference
HUB Management System figures out the best mode from a variety of transportation logistics options that will fit your freight needs. These modes of shipping can range from a small dry freight car carrying products that don’t need refrigeration to bulk freight for large amounts of raw materials, etc.

b) Network Establishment for Choosing the best Carrier
An efficient HUB connects provides shippers with a load of carrier options to find the best shipping option. To decide on the cheapest carrier, there’re transportation procurement tools. It also includes 3PLs, which usually do not have any assets of their own, but rather match vendors’ shipping requirements to qualified fleet providers.

c) Record Management for Customs fees in case of Global Shipment
HUB management system can save you from the tiresome task of going through a lot of paperwork, norms, and clauses by shipment contract management system. The HUB manages the calculation of taxes in case of cross-border fees and freight charges. In addition, it also manages shipping records to ensure compliance with shipment regulatory programs for both domestic and international shipments.

d) Global Network Management
When dealing with global shipments, a lot of factors play an important role in this process. Local imports/export laws, location, facilities, weather conditions, labor laws, traffic routes are some of these factors which need to be considered and an efficient Supply Chain Consulting can help a firm manage these processes with a lot more efficiency.

Transport Management System

Transport Management System is a part of the wider HUB Management System and is probably it’s most important function. All shipping details are recorded in a transportation management software (TMS) that are vital for choosing the shipment route, Mode of transportation, etc. An efficient TMS Solutions Company must provide:

a) Management and Scheduling of Delivery
Customer satisfaction is the priority of any business setup and TMS plays a vital role in ensuring that. A hub management system provides clients with personalized TMS account that updates them about the live package status and the estimated time of delivery. This ensures a transparent shipment process between you and the client. Estimation of delivery involves complex calculations based on location, vehicle choice, route analysis, population density, etc.

b) Final Delivery
One might be familiar with the delivery from E-Commerce websites. The HUB Management System is what ensures it’s fluency. The product delivery from a distribution centre to the end-user is the last phase of the delivery process and is also called last-mile logistics. As the destination might range from a distance of a few blocks to even 100 miles, TMS ensures that the delivery is carried out in the format of a parcel or small package carriers.

c) Tracking of Order
Security is the primary concern for anyone. Be it an individual or a vast business, the sense of security is everyone’s priority. Transport business can be regarded as one of the most vulnerable fields when it comes to security. The safety of the package or consignment needs to be ensured and SCM software have been assuring it for quite some time now. Real-time tracking of the shipments with the help of GPS enabled devices has become swift over the years. Rather than the old-school manual check-in system, the cell phones of the drivers are tracked now to get their location updates. This has made the transport businesses a whole lot transparent and efficient with the new additions of suggested routes, estimated time of arrival, and even more.

d) Accounting
The transaction process must be transparent in any business as well. HUB Management System records all the shipment related documents and transactions to maintain transparency about all the shipment costs occurring during the processes. It also simplifies the accounting process by allocating costs and assigning billing codes and forming a central system for ease of access.

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