A smart Supplier contracting to Shipment clearance management solution that allows you to :

Manages inbound shipments, shipment order processing and tracking, shipping procurement management system , transport and delivery planning, intake/dispatch planning and distribution from warehouses till last mile deliveries.

Effective supplier contract & performance management module, which enables Inbound and outbound operations to maximize diverse customer demands and supplies through  effective supplier management

Rate card management, which is an integral part of this solution, drives auditing of the invoiced rates for a contracted shipment order/s to minimize all invoice errors, thus reducing claims and enabling faster payments to the suppliers

Alerts and Escalation matrix for various stakeholders in transit for proactive planning

Can exchange information across various other enterprise solution by easy API integrations

Multi-countries and currencies ready

The highly scalable and configurable hub management system for a growing organization

Backed by decades of experience of SCM expertise of ESSPL

ESSPL Solution – Supplier to Shipment Management

  • A supplier contract management module for Inbound, warehousing and Outbound operations.
  • Separate supplier portal for efficient rate card, performance KPIs and shipment milestone management.
  • Transparent Supplier contract renewal process based on automated key performance indicators against SLA.
  • RFQ management enabling the supplier to submit and confirm their quotes for faster finalization of contracts.
  • Rate card version control for applying the correct rates for a Shipment order to minimize freight audits.
  • Automated Freight audit verification of supplier invoices against their agreed rate cards and color coding for discrepancies before clearance for financial settlements
  • Visibility to supplier performance reports enabling the customer to evaluate and objectively select the right suppliers for their contract renewal.
  • Comprehensive Global Transport Management System (GTMS) or Transportation Management System (TMS) to manage your freight
  • Freight movement management in terms of execution & visibility of shipment orders for Inbound and Outbound operations.
  • Shipment tracking management system which enables upload from suppliers to update status tracking
  • Order milestone tracking with exception handling and automated alert notifications
  • Auto-generation of trade documentation and management to handle region specific documentation needs for customs clearance
  • Inbound cargo visibility calendar w.r.t budget, forecast, POs and actual orders
  • API and EDI integration with supplier systems for order updates
  • Container tracking system for 3PL.
  • Warehouse in-take and dispatch cargo planning based on inbound calendar
  • Delivery order management for outbound distribution planning within local warehouses & stores
  • Transport order management for last mile delivery
  • Can integrate with any other enterprise application for data exchange
  • Highly configurable for greater flexibility
  • Scalable architecture for growing business needs
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Role-based permissions to make the workflow streamlined.
  • Configurable Dashboard and Reports
  • Flexibility to have both predefined reports or need-based report emails

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