IOT and Connected device

ESSPL lay lot of importance on futuristic technologies and with our COE (Centre of Excellence) team we are developing solutions around Internet of Thing and connected devices like Smart TVs and Live streaming devices.
We are proud of the fact that in quick time we got our hands on some of the exciting work around Internet of Thing which includes features like:

Univocally identifiable and addressable objects

Artificial Intelligence


Size Considerations

smart tv

We as a team currently working on several technologies that revolve around IOT including:

radio frequency identification device


This technology is widely used in logistics and transportation industry. RFID tags and readers are easy to deploy.


It is general purpose technology which is very common and used both in Indoor and Outdoor. This technology is heavily used in IOT to create smarter homes and smarter devices.

Barcode and QR code:

Another general technology that is heavily used in IOT as several devices can read Barcode and QR code. There is less difficulty challenge.

Sensor and Smartphones:

In future, almost every phone will be smartphone and there are smartphones which are coming with sensors. This is utilized very well by IOT.

internet of things

Some of the solution we have developed includes:

Traffic Monitoring



Transport and Logistics

Connected Devices

With the rise SMART product development there is a rise of Smart TV app development that enables brands to connect with thousands or millions of viewers and offer an exciting 10-foot experience.
Our Smart TV app development capabilities help many brands into the TV space with Smart TV, VOD and live streaming applications.
Our expertise includes:

Smart TV application for Android, Apple, Amazon Fire and many others

Roku TV app development

Native APP development for Samsung Native and Tizen app development

smart tv

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