Supply Chain Visibility

Multinational retail franchise operator, headquartered in Kuwait, operates more than 75 consumer retail brands across the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe

The Group Freight unit of Logistics Division handled all freight activities via different 3PLs for
all brands within the Fashion business and some brands within Food business. The Group operated mostly by manually entering shipment updates in spreadsheets by different departments, this caused

  • Error-prone data
  • Inconsistent data
  • Time-consuming activity
  • Poor visibility
  • Poor control on events

The web-based centralized shipment visibility application contains all shipment related information and provides pipeline visibility. It allows uploading/syncing shipment information from forwarders, allows entering additional details like Order details, Customs, Invoicing, Insurance, Credit notes etc. against shipments and also allows users to subscribe for notifications & alerts for key-events and at-risk milestones.

  • A simple solution to track and monitor shipment pipelines daily at different levels – Consignee, Country, Brand, 3PL, etc.
  • Saves time & effort spent on manual data consolidation for different countries, forwarders and brands
  • Readymade dashboards to check pipeline status and take actions
  • Provide dashboards to monitor shipment activities at near real-time basis, so rather than you reaching out to data, data finds you through alerts and notifications
  • Pull out reports for analysis within a few clicks
  • Bring centralization to the extent possible for better management and planning

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