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Maersk conducts Employee Engagement Survey every year. Historically, a large number of these surveys have been completed on paper (approximately 25000 each year). This process is highly inefficient and costly due to

  • the coordination effort involved
  • the cost of printing and distributing surveys
  • the manual labor required to consolidate and scan results
  • a number of employees sailing during the survey period

The offline enabled desktop survey solution enables employees to complete the survey on a desktop computer or laptop with limited or no internet connectivity for extended periods of time. Internet connectivity is not required at the time of completion, but at least a limited bandwidth is needed in order to synchronize responses back to the database.

  • A green solution, paper usage reduced
  • Less time required for preparatory and logistical activities
  • More time available to perform Organisational Mapping for employees outside centralized SAP database
  • Risk eliminated e.g. paper getting stuck in customs and confidentiality being compromised
  • Response rate tracking can happen live, without delay
  • Quicker access to data/reports after responses have been collected

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