GIS-Based Route Optimisation

The customer is one of the leading solution providers for Governments and regulatory agencies. Since 1989 it has been fuelling process performance through purpose-built, automation technology. It provides a complete solution package, flowing from one integrated platform, which helps governments and agencies in managing all types of permit, licensing and compliances.

Recently one of the end customers successfully implemented the first phase of an integrated system for different plan reviews/site inspections (Land reviews, Commercial and residential building reviews). For these reviews end client had a group of site inspectors who were accessing this electronic system to access customer information such as address, review types etc. and to update the review status. The site inspectors and officials were facing issues in planning and managing bulk number of reviews because the inspector had to visit the sites one after another based on the priority set for each plan. As many of the inspectors were from a different geographical location they had to manually search for an address in the map before the start of each review. In many of the instances, they found that they had to pass through the same location multiple times because of improper route planning. Overall turnaround time for completion of an inspection was also higher because of improper planning. In-some cases it led to pecuniary penalties and citizen dissatisfaction. End-user wanted a solution which would help them in time management and expediting plan reviews.

As the off-shore development wing of our customer, we proposed a solution for route optimization through in-built maps. to avoid such kind of duplicity in the effort, to save cost to make the review process transparent and to expedite the whole process. Initially, ESRI map was identified by us to integrate the existing system because end customer was familiar with ESRI. During the POC phase, we concluded that the cost of ESRI map service was high. While searching for a cost-effective solution (without sacrificing features) we picked Google map and used its map routing API as it was free for standard users. As compared to other map service providers in the market, Google map had a number of benefits. The key benefits of Google map are as below

  • It is cost effective
  • Easy to access
  • It was easy to integrate into the business, not only from a technical point of view but also from a human-resource point of view.
  • Google’s brand value secures customer confidence

  • Expedited the verification process
  • Made the whole process transparently
  • Supervisors could easily assign the plans to site inspectors based on their location
  • Reduced the solution cost for the end customer
  • It helped to exceeds its customer service levels
  • Google map has also integrated traffic reporting which helped officers in planning routes around the congested areas

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