A Citizen Safety Initiative of ESSPL

  • Traces travel history accurately for persons having a Smartphone with Google Map.
  • Tracks places visited, at what time, for how long  and which routes taken.
  • Can help Government Agencies to identify travel histories of patients and model them to determine potential containment zones & possible hotspots.
  • Citizens can find if they are currently safe or have come into close contact with any COVID-19 patient in the past.

WHAT IS COVID-19 Suraksha?

This is an ESSPL initiative to contribute to the fight against Coronavirus pandemic in India and around the world. A technology innovation initiative for fulfilling company’s corporate & moral responsibility towards its employees, their families and to the society at large. The proof of concept was based on the research at Solutions division of ESSPL and is now ready for demonstration. The solution can accurately access the past travel histories of a person, with their consent, and help identify the places visited along with details like time & duration of visit, geo-location coordinates of routes travelled and places visited. This can be used to find places visited by a COVID-19 patient, once identified. The data is anonymized and a geo-location model is created to identify potential Containment Zones and possible Hotspots.
All it takes for the patient is to have a smartphone with Google Map installed. Using a Mobile App, citizens can access this anonymized data set to find whether the places, they are currently visiting, have any congression of COVID-19 patient population or whether, in the past, they have crossed roads with any of the identified patients. Most of the prevailing COVID tracking solutions, can only track people from the time they have registered but this solution concept is unique, it can track travel histories even before.


The solution has two parts:-

  • Data Navigator – this will automate the downloading of patient’s travel history from Google and store them in encrypted format within Azure Storage This will be typically used by gov. agencies to collect & load patient travel histories and model potential Containement zones and Hotspots.
  • G2C Mobile App – This will be citizen centric, where individual citizens can find how safe they are against the database of patient travel history.


  • Consent based data collection
  • Safeguarding data privacy through stripping of PII data from travel histories & storing them encrypted.
  • Colocation of data within the boundaries of a country


The solution relies on Google Timeline to capture travel history. If the person has travelled with a smartphone having Google Map installed with location services enabled then it can tap into the saved data. No limitations on mobile device or platform. If Google Can, We Can….


The solution is Azure cloud hosted using Google Map APIs, Jquery, SingnalR web sockets, ASP.NET Core and Azrure Storage APIs.


Data Analytics for COVID-19 Management
(Collect, Analyze & Visualize)

  • Geo-fencing for quarentined patients
  • Data dashboarding to track community health
  • Analytics to identify Hotspots
  • Contact tracing
  • Voice BI for quick access to analyitics – anywhere anytime

Automation & Visibility
(Save every minute & Monitor every seconds)

  • RPA automation for order fulfillment of medical supplies
  • Chatbots integrating underlying systems to provide an unified interface for instant information sharing, handle enqueries & inter/intra departmental collaboration
  • Transport management visibility of essential commodities for last mile delivery
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