Experienced professionals ready to help design and build your product starting at $20 per hour only.

We’ve worked on a variety of projects using Scala and related platforms. Having broad perspective on how to build Enterprise scale applications on Scala starting from traditional web application development to BigData driven ones . Our expertise ranges from Enterprise level architecture to final application design and delivery.
Experts In Scala, Functional Java And Clojure


We’ve worked on a variety of different projects. Having broad perspective on how to build Scala projects we can help you decide which technologies and frameworks to choose and how to design your system.


We have delivered / deployed quite a few applications on Scala which are robust, scalable, extensible and are running successfully. OWe’ve worked on a variety of different projects.

  • 15+ Man Years Experience
  • 20+Project Executed
  • 30+ Skilled Developers
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ESSPL Data Science team includes data scientists, data engineers and IT professionals who’ve built multiple large-scale production analytical systems with streaming big data solutions like Spark and Storm.

  • 10+ Man Years Experience
  • 15+ Project Executed
  • 25+ Skilled Developers


Almost all Esspl engineers have an experience of between 4 to 20 years on Java. Our experience with Scala and using functional paradigms in Scala equips us to leverage the best out of Java.

  • 30+ Man Years Experience
  • 40+ Project Executed
  • 80+ Skilled Developers
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Experts In Scala, Functional Java And Clojure

We got on the functional programming bandwagon in late 1998 before it was fully accepted by the development community. We recognized the advantages and strengths of functional programming and committed to mastering it. We delivered one of the first enterprise implementations of scala with the Alerting System at D&B. Since then, ESSPL has been on the forefront of Scala, Akka, Functional Java and Clojure, delivering multiple products on the functional technology stack.


Scrum & XP Evangelists And Practitioners

We are dedicated to rapidly delivery quality projects on time and under budget. We work in pairs, provide remarkable code coverage on tests; and integrate continuously. We provide weekly demonstrations to the stakeholders so that the product can adjust and adapt to the changing business dynamics. We believe in utmost transparency and glass house development.


Build Software & Partnerships

With the same care we take to build software, we work hard to nurture partnerships with clients that are meaningful, respectful and productive. We listen closely to your needs and work hard to exceed your expectations.


Thought Leaders & Teachers

We provide the development community with our insights and inspirations. We offer training and learning opportunities for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. We love to share our knowledge of Scala and Java.


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