Intranet Portal Solution With Integrated Document Management

Intranet Portal Solution With Integrated Document Management


About Client

ESSPL is a leading software solutions provider with extensive experience in logistics software solutions, business intelligence, application services & software testing.   It is a leader in SME category in terms of growth and revenue with customers spread over Europe and North America.  They are a company with a team of 200 employees with number of project serving to clients across the world


ESSPL had disparate systems to cater to the information and document managment needs of various business functions like Sales and Marketing, Delivery/Projects, HR, Finance, Facilities etc. The reporting process involved manual compillation of data from multiple data sources. Most of the systems were information islands with typical usability challenges of legacy software. ESSPL wanted to implement an integrated portal solution covering key business functions and reduce overheads involved in running its business efficiently . With the future vision envisaging high growth , it was essential to have a comprehensive solution in place without incurring unncessary licensing cost of proprietory software.


The functional features were divided into separate modules and the custom development was done using key technologies like JSF/Primefaces, Spring jQuery, PosgreSQL DBMS etc. Industry wide best practices and design patterns were employed to ensure rapid development and rollout. Out of box features were leveraged to the maximum to avoid reinventing of wheel . The UI design was consistently maintain across modules to make it intuitive and requiring least training needs. A rich set of reports and charts were added to aid better decision making. All data from existing legacy systems were imported and synchronized. The whole application was hosted on low cost VM infrastructure with Ubuntu Linux as OS.

Key Benefits

Zero licensing cost

Low infrastructure cost

Out of the box features helped in upfont savings

Scalable platform accomodated growing number of users without performance degradation

Minimum maintenance cost with highly extensible architecture

Single version of truth with all document management and data/informatino repository moving to one platform

Saving in support costs on legacy proprietary systems like MS Project and MS Sharepoint which were buggy

Technology Used

Liferay 6.1, JSF, Primefaces, jQuery. PostgreSQL 9.2

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