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ESSPL is one of the leading companies in the field of Manhattan wms with more then 10 year expertise in handling the complexity of warehouse management systems. We provide world class services for Manhattan WMS, WMI, WMOS, DOM, PKMS, TMS, OMS & SCM due to our expert team on Manhattan technology. So if you need these services or want outsource it, ESSPL will be the best option among the existing companies. Contact us or Call us now at +91 6747106000, +91 6747106050 regarding Manhattan technology development, solution or consultancy services.

Manhattan WMS Business Solutions

A Complex supply chain software system like Manhattan Warehouse management solutions (WMS) for your business requires highly specialized skill sets to implement, support, and maintain. It requires specialized IT professionals with above average skills.

How ESSPL can help?

ESSPL provide complete Manhattan software solutions due to our dedicated, skilled Manhattan WMS Support Team that can help users address their support issues.

What unique we have?

We have a unique methodology and delivery model which makes us both faster and more cost effective than the competition.

Our Manhattan Technology Experts


ESSPL is a software company with over a decade long experience in software solutions with specialization in but not limited to Logistics & Manufacturing. We have our clients present in 18 countries and 4 continents. Our Manhattan Associates’ Support & implementation services are a step ahead in providing our customers low cost & high quality support and implementation services. In the past years we have helped numerous companies use our dedicated Manhattan Associates Skilled Support Resources, resulting in incremental revenue, higher savings and increased productivity.

Manhattan WMS Business Challenges:

It requires specialized IT professionals with above average skills. Some of the professionals/skills needed include:

  • IT infrastructure and System Administration
  • WMS Support Services
  • WMS Technical and Business Analysts
  • WMS Functional Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • WMS Operational Support

A common supply chain software deployment, when taking on a WMS project, faces a challenge in finding consultants with appropriate skill sets and knowledge.

How ESSPL can help? 

We are focused on designing, implementing and supporting Manhattan Associates’ solutions, including:

  • Warehouse Management (WMi PkMS, WMOS, SCALE)
  • Labor Management
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)
  • Order Management System
  • Distribution Order Management (OMS/DOM)

Our knowledge working on similar issues and experience working with Industry Giants can always prove to be an asset for any user facing the same challenges.

Some of the areas that we can address are:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Build Interface related to WMS, DOM, TMS
  • Reporting Services
  • Creating new functionality in and around Manhattan WMS
  • Implementation, Configuration & Extensions
  • Support During Installation
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Support Across Versions
  • Version Upgrades
  • Integration with other Enterprise Applications

What unique we have?

ESSPL has always believed in offering Best Shoring concepts. We do not limit ourselves to just offshore development, if a need be then we can offer both onsite and offsite services or may be a combination of both like a hybrid solution. The benefits that we offer to our customers are immense. It is a one stop solution that ensures continuation of your business and mitigates risk that may arise due to unavailability and high cost of Manhattan Support Services. Our Manhattan Support & implementation services helps you reduce total cost of ownership and extends the life of your product. We provide version upgrades at your own time and convenience. We also provide 24X7 support and lower support cost in comparison to industry standards.

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Clients Who Trust Us

UK based postal services provider

“ESSPL has built a high quality system that enables us to manage a sustainable supply chain management process.”

North American Health insurance client

"ESSPL was engaged in the design, development and implementation of the application, where they delivered a high quality product in a very professional manner and their attention to detail was really commendable."

A Global 3PL Organization

“ESSPL has proven to be an invaluable partner for us in the design, implementation and ongoing support and development of a bespoke warehouse,data and document management system.”

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