Are intermediaries complicating your supply chain?
Do you face frequent payment settlement disputes due to trade documentation issues?


For over 20 years, we have been working in the supply chain and logistics domain and have been servicing leaders in 3PL providers having blockchain expertise in both Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric platforms and specializes in the rapid development of business applications using smart contracts using PaaS environments.

Our Competencies

  • 20+ certified blockchain professionals
  • Ethereum (POW) platform, Solidity framework for smart contracts
  • Hyperledger Fabric with Go-Lang for smart contract
  • Network development, node access, endorsement policy setup & access control
  • Configuration using Geth, Docker & Shell scripts
  • Azure PaaS
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What we deliver

Our dedicated center of excellence for blockchain solutions for logistic companies has certified professionals of developers and domain experts that actively look into the blockchain applications for logistic companies in supply chain domain and generate the use cases that have business value for customers. We work with both business houses and blockchain development companies. We help them providing bandwidth and take them through the journey of creating blockchain as an extension to their core capabilities by leveraging people, technology and solutions

Our Services

  • Identify: Initial client capability assessment & use case development
  • Build: Develop POC solution, deploy and monitor
  • BI Testing & Health Check
  • Ongoing solution maintenance & support
  • Voice Assistance BI
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Blockchain – Competency Center

Our Value Managed Delivery Framework (vMSD) brings synergy in business applications through business processes, process maturity in change management and automation in operational activities enabling high performance towards SLA compliance


We have an offshore delivery manager working on maintaining alliances, handling escalations and an offshore PM coordinating between onsite contact and offshore team with the delivery team working against an SLA


Our CI/CD processes are tuned to accommodate changes and enhancements without impacting the business continuity


Multiple support models available including Follow-The-Sun


Our  workforce consists of highly experienced & certified professionals

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With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading solutions providers in Supply chain & logistics and manufacturing domain. With a strong presence in Business Intelligence, managed application services and software testing segments, we also work on blockchain for supply chain management. We have invested heavily on various cutting-edge technologies, bringing meaningful transformation for its customers.
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Milk as a product is consumed by every age group, hence people are getting more and more sensitive towards quality, ethical sourcing and freshness attributes. Companies work hand in hand with farmers who are the finite source of milk and so direct sourcing will be keeping them happy which is the topmost priority in the list.

We are working with the fastest emerging milk and milk product company to help them solve problems of milk quality traceability from producer to retailer’s shelf which will help both customers and company ability to understand and act on quality issues. At the same time farmers will be introduced to digitalized payment processing and removes intermediaries through electronic passbooks and direct payment options.

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