ESSPL has several exciting solutions in security which include cryptographic, identity solution and antivirus softwares.

ESSPL has developed solutions for Biometric authentication for payment gateways. Antivirus software development for windows platform. Smart Driver security to secure messaging and financial transactions. Federated Security and Claims based solutions on ADFS and Shibboleth Identity Providers.


ESSPL has security solutions for cryptography. Our developers keep on coming up with new applications featuring highly user-friendly and functional ways of providing cryptographic solutions. These applications also make the process of managing 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryptions for secured transaction over Blackberry Messaging and driver development for Multos smartcards using C++, JAVA and Momentics IDE.
Our solutions are developed for global clients and currently used in the US and Poland.

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ESSPl has next generation antivirus solution and software to detect malware using behavioral API foot-prints. Also, we have solutions  for OS virtualization for Windows platform to immune against pathogenic softwares.

Identity Management Solutions

Our Identity Management solutions can configure and automatically execute promotion, transfer, onboarding, promotion, transfer or off-boarding processes to meet your company needs.

We have created Identity solutions for creation,  aggregation, identity synchronisation, attribute management and deletion.

Our solutions help clients manage user accounts, identity information and security entitlements on a variety of systems and applications.

Currently, our solution integrates Federated security infrastructure among Universities in UK for information exchange. We have implemented the same for Implemented for Queen Merry University.
We have also Integration between ADFS and Shibboleth Identity Provider for claim sharing across domain for WebSSO

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UK based postal services provider

“ESSPL has built a high quality system that enables us to manage a sustainable supply chain management process.”

North American Health insurance client

"ESSPL was engaged in the design, development and implementation of the application, where they delivered a high quality product in a very professional manner and their attention to detail was really commendable."

A Global 3PL Organization

“ESSPL has proven to be an invaluable partner for us in the design, implementation and ongoing support and development of a bespoke warehouse,data and document management system.”

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