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Freight Forwarder solution

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Damco needed a centralized system for maintaining buying rates and quotation management. Different offices used different formats and there was no uniformity in the process.


The web based sales quotation management system maintains buying rates and provides uniform platform for creation of quotations from scratch or from previous quotations. The system also enforces work flow and provides reporting capabilities on

Quotations waiting for approval (for Sales Manager role)

Quotations pending Issuance to Customer

Expiring Quotations sent to Customer with no decision

Draft quotations impacted by rate change

Key Benifits

Consistency in quotation format across different offices leading to better adaptability

Automated work flow with option to subscribe to notification if action required

Alerts on events like expiring quotations, etc.

Visibility into operational productivity

Technology Used

Dot net, C#, SQL Server 2008, Javascript, jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Entity framework

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