Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Efficiently, reliably, and securely share data across a wide variety of EDI message types and communications protocols with our EDI solutions.


We have experience integrating and maintaining EDI solutions for a variety of clients in many different industry sectors to help them address various business processes and industry challenges. As a result, our clients have been able to significantly improve efficiency and accuracy, speed up processing, reduce manpower by 50%, and minimize costs.

EDI Mapping

Effective EDI Mapping allows data exchange between your business and its partners and clients with measurably improved efficiency, elevating profitability, customer relationships and long-term success.

At ESSPL, we have skilled EDI mappers and programmers with collective experience in all major EDI Mapping tools and application interfaces.

Managed EDI solution

Free yourself from the complex and time-consuming hassle of maintaining an on-premise EDI solution

Which means you’re able to able to focus on your core business and achieve a compelling range of operational and commercial benefits.

EDI Testing

EDI specifications are complex and extensive, manual testing is arduous and labour intensive. To increase test efficiency and effectiveness, ESSPL test engineers have developed test automation tools to construct contextualized solutions for specifically testing EDI applications.

Trading Partner Setup

If you need to become compliant with any Trading Partner’s EDI requirements, rely on the experts at ESSPL who have been helping many trading partners, vendors and suppliers become EDI compliant within the l supply chain for over 25 years.

Business Analysis

ESSPL EDI team has expertise in the integration of enterprise and business-to-business applications, which run on disparate platforms. The team has experience on leading EI platforms Gentran, Biztalk, TIBCO and webMethods

Production Monitoring and Support

ESSPL Team provides independent services to manage your ongoing EDI application. We monitor and support EDI application on a continous basis so that it is up and running all the time.



Experts In Scala, Functional Java And Clojure

Handle any EDI standards your industry, applications, or trading partners throw at you, including ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS and HL7 standards.


Real-Time Visibility

Spot errors, uncover trends, and answer pressing questions such as, “Did my customer receive my 810?” with real-time, web-based visibility into your transactional and operational EDI data.


Significant Savings

EDI is widely across industries. We know that electronic data transfer is far easier than paper documents. Quick transactions help in reducing inventory, more utilization of warehouse, fewer freight costs and many more. Users also save time and money using electronic data interchange. It is specially designed for businesses which are reporting a huge number of authorities, outlets, schedules and leases. EDI relies on a standard system which has been developed under ANSI guidelines.


Fully Managed Services

Enjoy improved productivity, shorter document cycles, and compliance with the latest standards and protocols when you allow ESSPL’s expert professionals to manage your EDI operations. Whole business transactions flow in a better way.

Tools & Technology Expertise:

IBM Gentran




Biz Talk

Oracle SOA/B2B

Dell Bhoomi

Make A Difference With Expert Team