BPM has come a long way since its beginnings as the way to simplify and automate business operations. Today ESSPL has a range of solutions for business process automation like Quality Assurance, Projects, Design and Engineering, Sales, Stores and Inventory, Citizen Services etc

We have around 70 people working development and implementation of BPM solutions.  We have executed 10 projects in this area and have about 18 man-years of experience.

Key Benefits

Increase efficiency

Improve your business processes and take it to a higher level of efficiency.

Eliminate time-consuming, error prone and costly tasks . Drive standardization to reduce costs.

Improve transparency

Monitor performance and take action based on insights gained through real-time process

Gain visibility

Eliminate bottlenecks to optimize workforce management. Give business partners visibility into your business processes. Predict and measure benefits expect next from process changes.

Improve quality

Assure consistency and avoid errors. Make employees follow the same optimized and standardized processes which reduce costs.

Change faster

Respond to changing business conditions. Get the agility d to make business adjustments and develop new applications faster.

Transform your IT via flexible business rules and intelligence.

Revenue Leakage Protection Solutions

ESSPL revenue leakage protection solutions help in creating a comprehensive picture about all the incoming invoices from suppliers/partners and outgoing invoices to customers.

It tracks the products and services thru various processes and applications to find the revenue leakages due to incorrect supplier invoices, incorrect customer billing and losses during various stages of operations.

By automating the data extraction, transformation and mapping stages, it allows analysts to acts on the intelligence and addresses the leakage.

business process cycle
Revenue Leakage Protection Solutions

Accounts Payable Automation

ESSPL have a variety of solutions range from simple OCR/Metadata extraction to full integrated solution involving Document Management System (SharePoint, Alfresco), ERP solutions etc.
We have around 10 people who work on Accounts Payable Automation. We have delivered 5 projects in this area across technologies including Ephesoft Enterprise, Sharepoint, Alfresco, Infor Visual, MySQL, SQL Server 2008/2012

Workflow Automation

We have around 80 people working development and implementation of Workflow automation solutions. We have executed 10 projects in this area and have about 15 man-years of experience. We have extensive experience of re-engineering of products to meet the increasing challenges and expectations from the market.

We have integrated multiple enterprise systems during such development making it a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution.

Business Process Management

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Clients Who Trust Us

UK based postal services provider

“ESSPL has built a high quality system that enables us to manage a sustainable supply chain management process.”

North American Health insurance client

"ESSPL was engaged in the design, development and implementation of the application, where they delivered a high quality product in a very professional manner and their attention to detail was really commendable."

A Global 3PL Organization

“ESSPL has proven to be an invaluable partner for us in the design, implementation and ongoing support and development of a bespoke warehouse,data and document management system.”

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